Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You're Right, Maureen!

Maureen Dowd is a former burlesque performer who now writes witty little flourishes for the New York Times. Ronnie would always complain about the New York Times, and said that it didn't like us. But I always said, if it weren't for the New York Times, where would Bill Blass be, and if it weren't for Bill Blass, I would be naked!

Anyway, here is Maureen writing about President Obama and his going to Broadway plays and museums in Paris. It looks like all these people are upset because they think that it's too expensive for the President to do things like take his wife to a depressing August Wilson play (I met August Wilson once -- he was lovely, not at all like Tennessee Williams).

Well, you know, I think that's just silly, and I agree with Maureen. We're America, and first of all when I was in the White House it cost taxpayers a small mint if I sneezed in the wrong direction, so it really can't be avoided. And secondly, what is our president supposed to do? Sit at home and watch reruns of "Highway to Heaven?"

Of course, I did know Michael Landon rather well -- I thought he was about as attractive as you could be when he was on Bonanza -- but apparently the fame went to his head, which is something you've got to really guard against.

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