Sunday, December 14, 2008

Those Gays

Well, I started feeling better this afternoon, and nothing helps you get over a little stroke like a movie! So I went to see that movie about Harvey Milk called "Milk." That boy Sean Penn once told me that Ronnie was going to let all my hairdressers and my movie friends die of AIDS. And I said, I'd rather let Ronnie handle AIDS than have Jimmy Carter handle Gorbachev. Besides, Ronnie couldn't have stopped AIDS because at that time Tip O'Neil was the Speaker of the house, and he was Irish, and I have Irish friends and they are Catholic, and everybody knows that the Catholics want all the gays to die, although who can imagine why because then where will the Pope get his shoes!? Does he think straight men work at Prada?!

Still, I like those gays. All those wonderful dresses all those years. Oh, Bill Blass. Of course, he died of cancer, so you can't blame Ronnie for that one!

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