Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Do It, Caroline

I read today that Caroline Kennedy wants to have Hillary Clinton's Senate Seat. I remember when Bobby Kennedy was shot. I remember it especially well because that was the same year I was named Woman of the Year by the Los Angeles Times, and I had to speak in the same hotel where Sirhan Sirhan killed Senator Kennedy. And some people thought it was tacky to have a big event in the same hall, but I'm a movie person and a show person, and I said, listen, Bobby Kennedy isn't coming back to life one way or the other, so we might as well have this party. You know, that old show biz saying: the show must go on, whether or not a young charasmatic Senator from New York has gotten killed by an Arab. You know.

Anyway, Caroline, I hope you know what you're getting into if you take this Senate seat. You'll have to spend at least some time each week in Washington, DC. Washington is a very lonely place, where most people are judgmental and want you to fail, and if you have an astrologer, they will never let you forget it! Also, you're a litte fat -- lose some weight!

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