Saturday, January 12, 2013

Here's an interesting article about late-in-life career transition.  Of course, I know all about those.  When Ronnie finished being President, I transitioned from being First Lady/Queen of America to being just a beloved celebrity icon.

In OTHER news, I'm staying active and trying to keep in touch with friends, including President Obama (I found a picture of us standing in front of a picture of me -- the college beatniks of today would call this postmodern).  He's about to get inaugurated for the second time, so I called him with some advice -- DON'T TRUST ANYONE EXCEPT MICHELLE!

I feel sorry for those two, because they were never in show business, and I'm not really sure how people can be President and First Lady/American Royalty without any training in show business.

When I was in the White House, every day I would use my show business training -- once in show biz, always in show biz.  I remember one day when a charming troupe of Girl Scouts came to visit me so I could teach them not to do crack cocaine.  One of the poor girls threw up all over the silk upholstery on the chairs in the blue room.  I leaned over to her and said, "Don't worry, Rossalyn Carter picked out that fabric -- I never liked it, and now I get to change it!"

That's called comic timing!  Everyone laughed, the little Girl Scout was put at ease, and not one of the members of her troupe became addicted to crack cocaine or anything else except for achievement!

So, there you go -- good luck, Barack and Michelle.  If you ever need any show business advice, you know my number!

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